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Animal Paintings

Bella - 12x12 inch Pony Oil Painting On Panel

Animals in the environment allow me to explore my love of landscape, to create a colourful setting for my subjects to inhabit. From the deep colours of the shady forest pool where the tiger bathes to the lively, sunlit greens of the open meadow filled with deer, hares playing hide and seek on the mountain slopes or elephants at the water hole, nature provides a rich and vibrant tapestry of colour and texture, light and shade that is exciting to paint. I hope you enjoy the paintings.

I work in oils and acrylics on panels or stretched canvas, and watermedia (watercolour, acrylics, inks and paint pens) on paper. I also sometimes work in resin. Paintings on board or canvas may be framed or unframed, paintings on paper may be mounted or mounted and framed.

If you'd like something with or without a frame do email me and ask.