Life Is Sweet

Denise Laurent Art

20×16 inch acrylic bullmastiff painting

This painting is all about the sweetness in life. Sometimes humans can be pretty cruel to animals. We are a savage lot. But there are many of us who spend time, money and not a little heartache rescuing cats, dogs and other animals in distress. It makes me think how wonderful it must be to come from cruelty and neglect and to find love and companionship.

Then I saw Caeser enjoying himself, catching snowflakes on his tongue and I saw the possibility of this painting. I wanted to create a drip running down the painting, like ice cream or strawberry jam. Something sweet and lovely that he puts his tongue out to lick. It represents for me the wonder of finding joy in life after cruelty and pain. There is nothing sweeter!

He is painted in acrylics on 20x16 inch Cornwall paper.

He comes in a 24x20 inch double mount, ready for you to frame as you'd like. He ships wrapped in tissue paper in a strong gift box, so he will reach you in perfect condition.

Ships free in the UK.

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