The home of my handmade leaf brooches and necklaces.

I love the colours of Autumn, rich reds, glorious golds and sparkling greens, vibrant and beautiful. I started the Leaf Project  to try to capture and the beauty of fall and started making leaf brooches inspired by the trees around me. We have so many wonderful trees here, maples, sycamores, limes, hazels and of course the glorious London Plane.The Leaf Project has grown from Autumn leaves to leaves of all kinds and all seasons.

Each is unique because it starts with a particular leaf. First I draw and then hand cut the shape of the leaf to make my surface, then I apply the surface colour to reflect the colours of the original leaf. The paint reacts both to little particles of metal in the paint (gold, silver etc) and to the other paints on the surface, moving as it cures, making interesting patterns. The result is quite unpredictable but makes each piece completely unique. It's always exciting to see how each one turns out. Once fully cured the finish is rather like enamel.

I do commissions so if you'd like something made specially for you, either a painting or a piece of jewellery do email me.