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The Painted Cat Art Gallery

Original paintings, commissions and limited edition prints of cats.

Take a look through the galleries, you’ll meet lots of cats, especially in the Fascinating Felines Gallery. This is the home of the mighty hunter and the champion sleeper, the rugged outdoor stalker. (There’s nowhere to sit in here, all chairs have a feline occupant.) 

Or have a look at the catitude project. I've been painting small paintings of cats with bags of catitude! If you think your cat has catitude and you'd like him painted, email me.

There’s a gallery devoted to Beautiful Bengals (watch out for the shredded cardboard in here!) In the Sublime Siamese Gallery you’ll find those handsome,  sophisticated cats about town and their oriental cousins (a noisy gallery!) The long haired cats are all in the Fabulous Fluffballs Gallery (there may be some shedding in here!)

Looking for something different? How about a framed canvas print? A stunning stretched canvas print on lovely 38mm deep stretcher bars, framed in a beautiful floater frame.

Or for information about getting your beautiful fur kid immortalized in paint head over to Commissions.

If you are looking for the jewellery head to the Wearable Art and you'll find bags and scarves in Beautiful Bags.