An oil painting on board, framed Paintings in the classic style are  detailed, traditional paintings in oils or acrylics. A classic painting can take a while to paint and oils take a lot longer than acrylics. I like to paint in layers and as oil paint takes longer to dry than acrylic paint, so an oil painting takes longer to complete, about 8-12 weeks is usual but with more complex pieces it can be several months. Acrylics dry a lot faster so a painting can be completed in approx 4 -8 weeks. Oils and acrylic paintings can be painted on a panel, stretched canvas or a board.

Stretched canvas
It's a gallery wrapped canvas with painted sides and the staples are on the back of the painting so the canvas can be hung on the wall framed or unframed.

Board or Panel
A painting on board or a panel is nice and rigid and a bit more robust than a painting on canvas which makes it ideal for shipping. Board paintings will need a frame. A panel has wood cradle on the back that supports the board, rather like a stretched canvas, so a panel painting can be hung framed or unframed.
Find out a bit more about painting surfaces here.

You can take the painting to your own framer for framing or I can do the framing for you, working with my local framer. And of course you can have paintings that don't need to be framed at all.
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Classic Painting Prices

An 8x8 Painting is £150
A 10x8 Painting is £195
A 12x12 Painting is £360
A 14x11 Painting is £385
A 16x12 Painting is £480
A 16x16 Painting is £665
A 20x16 Painting is £835

Here are some examples of paintings in the classic style...

Toffe and Thistle classic style acrylic painting Bullmastiff and puppies in oils