Pete - Contemporary style in oils The Contemporary Painting is a more abstract and playful style of painting. It's colourful and lively but less detailed than the Classic painting. Painted in loose, juicy oils or mixed media using a variety of media including acrylics, inks, paint pens, and pastels and a range of techniques from light washes to thick impasto passages. It depends on the composition of the painting and what feels right while I'm painting.

Painted on canvas, board or panel, or even aluminium panel for something very modern. I can also do them digitally. Time scales vary with the amount of work involved but approx two or three weeks. Do email me if you’d like to talk about a contemporary painting.

Stretched canvas
It's a gallery wrapped canvas with painted sides and the staples are on the back of the painting so the canvas can be hung on the wall framed or unframed.

Board or Panel
Gravy - contemporary painting on a panel A painting on board or a panel is nice and rigid and a bit more robust than a painting on canvas which makes it ideal for shipping. Board paintings will need a frame. A panel has wood cradle on the back that supports the board, rather like a stretched canvas, so a panel painting can be hung framed or unframed. 
Find out a bit more about painting surfaces here.

You can take the painting to your own framer for framing or I can do the framing for you, working with my local framer. And of course you can have paintings that don't need to be framed at all.
Find out about framing options here.

Contemporary Painting Prices
An 8x8 Painting is £100
A 10x8 Painting is £135
A 12x9 Painting is £175
A 14x11 Painting is £250
A 12x12 Painting is £230
A 16x12 Painting is £315
A 16x16 Painting is £435
A 20x16 Painting is £545

Here are some examples of paintings in the contemporary style....

Contemporary style paintings can also be created digitally and then printed on to a range of interesting media,  including aluminium, acrylic glass, wood, glass and a variety of of other surfaces. These can look  stunning in modern interiors and can be made in very large sizes too. Prices vary with the materials and are extra to the cost of the painting.

Digital Painting Prices
A 12x12 inch digital painting printed on fine art paper £145
A 16x12 inch digital painting printed on fine art paper £230
A 16x16 inch digital painting printed on fine art paper £300
A 20x16 inch digital painting printed on fine art paper £385

Here are some examples of digital paintings in the contemporary style....

A digital painting on acrylic glass

A digital commission on acrylic glass