8x6 inch stag in resinResin pieces are created on wood panels and boards.  Each piece is handmade and unique. Instead of paint I use pigments, gold leaf and resins. The resin reacts as it cures, changing and moving on the surface. The result is quite unpredictable but makes each piece completely unique. Once fully dry the finish is rather like enamel. The process is complex and it can take several weeks to complete depending on the size.

I can use a favourite pet or animal as the inspiration for the piece, although with such an unpredictable process a likeness can't be guaranteed.  Sometimes I work directly on the panel and sometimes I cut out shapes and work on those so they sit above the panel and add shadows to the piece.


You can take the painting to your own framer for framing or I can do the framing for you, working with my local framer. And of course you can have paintings that don't need to be framed at all.
Find out about framing options here.

Resin Artwork Prices

Prices depend on how much of the panel is resin work.
As a guide smaller pieces from 8x6 inches up to 10x8 inches are between £125 and £295.
Larger pieces start at £395.

Here are some examples of resin artworks...