Unique Jewellery

Recently I’ve started making jewellery and it’s become a bit of a hobby. It was accidental really. I wanted to experiment with some new techniques and materials. I needed a small canvas so I cut myself some leaf shapes and played with those. They worked well and those first experiments became the brooches, a sort of wearable art. After all if you love it you should be able to take it with you.

leaf brooch

Encouraged by the leaves I started making foxes, cats, dogs, badgers and hares. I shared photos of those first experiments on Facebook and suddenly had orders and special requests. That’s how I accidentally started making jewellery in my spare time, once a day of painting is over.

Each piece is handmade and unique. I draw the shapes I want and cut them out by hand. Then for the paint, which reacts as it cures, changing and moving on the surface. The result is quite unpredictable but makes each piece completely unique. Once fully dry the finish is rather like enamel. I make brooches and pendants and even hat pins and they all come in gift boxes.

The jewellery can be found for sale in my Etsy shop and I post them on my facebook page. I also take commissions, email me if you’d like something special and I’ll see if I can make it for you. Take a look at the examples below for some of the cats that I’ve made.

fox brooch

stalking cat brooch

hare broochscottie dog broochborder terrier broochlove birds hat pinhare brooch