Beautiful Bags and Scarves

whisker face leather tote and scarf

Gorgeous leather bags and chiffon scarves, all handmade here in London.

The Square Bag is made from Italian vinyl and has one of my paintings printed on canvas on both sides. It’s custom made with Italian patent vinyl trim and long thick leather handles. It's a great bag for days at the beach or for shopping.

The Italian Handbag is made from beautiful Italian Nappa leather, it's soft and feels wonderful. It has printed satin fabric side panels and leather handles. It comes in a choice of colours, ivory beige and black.

The Leather Tote Bag is handmade from beautiful Italian Nappa leather. The painting is printed directly on to the leather before it's cut and sewn. It has leather handles perfect for carrying or for popping over your shoulder.  It can also be made in vegan leather.


sleeping siamese scarf

I now have some beautiful chiffon scarves. They are long scarves, very sheer with a lovely silky feel and work well with the bags. The scarves are made to order and take about a week to make before shipping to you.

Other Designs

Each bag and scarf features one of my designs. If you’d like one but with a different painting, do email me and ask. If I can make it for you I will. I'll make up a design for it and send you an idea of how it would look before you decide.

The bags and scarves are handmade here in the UK and take about a week to make before they ship. So if you are planning a gift please allow time for the item to be made and shipped to you. Custom made orders cannot be returned.