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Commission A painting Or A Piece Of Jewellery

I specialize in creating vibrant and expressive animal portraits that burst with life and colour. My paintings capture the unique personalities of animals, bringing warmth and charm to every canvas. Would you'd like a special piece made for yourself or as a gift for a loved one? You are in the right place.

If you'd like a unique piece of jewellery made specially for you then have a look at the wearable art gallery. Or go to the jewellery commissions page.

Commissioning A Painting

People often ask if I can work photos and the answer is yes I can. Photos can be emailed to me or you can share them with me via facebook, google or another photo sharing site. Each portrait begins with a discussion of what you are looking for in the final painting. You might have a specific painting in mind or you might not have a clear idea yet of what you'd like. Either is fine.

I'll look at your photos and we'll discuss what you have in mind. Then I'll do some quick sketches from those so that we can discuss ideas for the portrait in more detail. Your feedback is a big part of the process. If you didn't have any specific ideas for your painting then hopefully the sketches I send you will help you decide how you'd like the painting to look. If you had a specific pose in mind then the sketches I do will reflect your original ideas. Once you've seen the sketches you can decide if you want to go ahead and what type of painting you'd like.

Commission A Contemporary Painting

The Contemporary Painting is a loose and playful style of painting. It's colourful and lively. Painted in loose, juicy oils. I love oils and the way it can be softly blended with a finger, or they can be thick impasto and show every brushstroke.
Painted on canvas, board or panel. Find out a bit more about the different painting surfaces here. Time scales vary with the amount of work involved but approx two or three weeks.

Do email me if you’d like to talk about a contemporary painting.

6x6 inch painting is £65
8x8 inch painting is £95
10x8 inch painting is £145
12x9 inch painting is £225
12x12 inch painting is £265
14x11 inch painting is £285
16x12 inch painting is £365
16x16 inch painting is £495
20x16 inch painting is £695
20x20 inch painting is £780

Here are some examples of paintings in the contemporary style, or have a look at the oil painting gallery.

Commission A Wet And Wild Watercolour

Wet and Wild watercolour paintings are colourful, abstract and playful, the lighter version of the contemporary painting. With less detail and more splash they are faster to do and can take approx a week. Painted on watercolour paper using watercolour, inks and paint pens in a free flowing watercolour style, plenty of runs and drips and splashes. They are really water media paintings I guess. The size of the paper varies a little depending on the make, but we can decide between us what size will suit you before I start. I like textured paper that adds interest to the surface of the painting. It takes about a week to complete.

Do email me if you’d like to talk about a watercolour painting.

Small Water Media Painting on 10x8 inch paper £95
Small Water Media Painting on 12x9 inch paper £125
Medium Water Media Painting on on 16x12 inch paper £175
Large Water Media Painting on on 20x14 inch paper £225.

Here are some examples of paintings in the water media style, or have a look at the watercolour gallery.

Commission A Unique Resin Piece

For something very different and unique. Resin is colourful, abstract and full of metallic pigments and gold leaf that catch the light and sparkle. The finish is glossy and rather like enamel.

Resin pieces are created on wood panels and boards. Each piece is handmade and unique. Instead of paint I use pigments, gold leaf and resins. The resin reacts as it cures, changing and moving on the surface. The result is quite unpredictable and abstract, but makes each piece completely unique. The process is complex and it can take several weeks to complete depending on the size.

I can use a favourite pet or animal as the inspiration for the piece, although with such an unpredictable process a likeness can't be guaranteed. Sometimes I work directly on the panel and sometimes I cut out shapes and work on those so they sit above the panel and add shadows to the piece.

Do email me if you’d like to talk about a resin piece.

Have a look at the resin art gallery.

Commission A Classic Painting

Paintings in the classic style are detailed, traditional paintings in oils or acrylics. A classic painting can take a while to paint, about 10-16 weeks is usual but with more complex or larger pieces it can be several months. Oils and acrylic paintings can be painted on a panel, stretched canvas or a board. 

Do email me for prices.

Commission A Statement Piece

For a very contemporary look paintings can be created digitally and then printed on fine art paper and mounted on to acrylic glass by a specialist framer. These look stunning on the wall. The painting is mounted on an aluminium Dibond panel under a layer of polished, premium, crystal clear acrylic glass. The beautiful, very glossy glass enhances the luminosity and colour and brings a real depth to the piece.

It’s also much lighter and tougher than normal glass, so large pieces can hang on the wall using hidden fittings at the back of the panel and the acrylic glass appears to float on the wall. Very modern and clean looking.

Please email me for prices.