Limited Edition Prints On Paper

animalsbirdscats : dogs 

Printed on high quality, acid free, fine art paper using archival inks for a long lasting print. Each image is signed, titled and numbered in pencil. They come unmounted for easier posting, carefully wrapped in tissue paper and posted in strong packaging to protect them so they arrive in perfect condition.

limited edition prints

Wearable Art

Cats, dogs, foxes, hares, wild animals, birds and leaves are the inspiration for my  jewellery.

Each piece is handmade and unique. I draw the shapes I want and cut them out by hand. Then for the colour, pigments and resins, it reacts as it cures, changing and moving on the surface. The result is quite unpredictable but makes each piece completely unique. Once fully dry the finish is rather like enamel. I make brooches and pendants and even hat pins and they all come complete with gift boxes.

I also take commissions, email me if you’d like something special and I’ll see if I can make it for you.

wearable art

Original Paintings

I like variety and I work in a variety of media. I love oils and the way it can be softly blended, usually with my fingers! But I also love the versatility of acrylics, they can be used thick in impasto and wet like watercolour and anything in between. Who can resist?

original paintings


People often ask if I can create a painting from their photos and the answer is yes I can.  I have three styles to choose from, Classic, Contemporary and Wet and Wild.

 Paintings in the classic style are more detailed, traditional paintings in oils or acrylics.

The contemporary paintings are more abstract and playful, a looser style of painting, less concerned with realism than with colour and shape and a lively personality. 

Wet and wild watercolours are colourful, abstract and playful.


Beautiful Bags & Sacrves

A small selection of bags and scarves, each featuring one of my designs.

The Whisker Face tote is handmade from beautiful Italian Nappa leather. The painting is printed directly on to the leather before it's cut and sewn. It has leather handles perfect for carrying or for popping over your shoulder. 

My long chiffon scarves, very sheer with a lovely silky feel and work well with the bags.

bags & scarves

Cushion & Pillows

The cushions are handmade to order here in the UK. They are faux suede and are approx 18 inches square, zip fastening and a stone colour on the reverse side.

The covers are washable at 30°C, gentle wash, wash and iron inside out and don’t tumble dry.