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About The Artist

I love painting animals and birds. Exploring in paint a sense of dynamic movement as a cat leaps or the alert poise of a hare as he listens to the wind. I work in oils, mixed media, and watercolour and these days also resin. I love colour and I'm always trying new ideas in paint and other materials to get luscious, fabulous colour into my work. Colour brings us joy and makes the world an nicer place.

I'm a British artist based in London in the UK where I paint, make prints and cards from my paintings, make jewellery and sometimes venture into bags, cushions and other fun things too.

More About Paintings And Commissions

More of my paintings and commissions can be seen on my main web site at
Or if you are looking for the cats then visit The Painted Cat.

Do email me if you'd like to ask a question


About The Jewellery

Recently I've started making jewellery, mainly because I wanted to experiment with some new techniques and materials, but I wanted a small canvas to work on. Those first experiments became brooches, a sort of wearable art. After all if you love it you should be able to take it with you. :-)
At the moment some of the jewellery is in my Etsy store and some is here in the shop. It's a different selection in each as every piece is unique.






Find Me....
On twitter as @DeniseLaurent
On instagram as @paintedcat.

On Facebook. I have two pages on Facebook which is a bit confusing I know,
ThePaintedCatArt is my purely cat art page,
DeniseLaurentArt is everything else.
I'd love to see you there, do stop by and say hi. :-)