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About The Artist

I love colour and I'm always trying new ideas in paint and other materials to get luscious, fabulous colour into my work. Colour brings us joy and makes the world an nicer place.

My name is Denise Laurent, I’m a British artist living in London. I’ve always loved animals and the natural world. I grew up surrounded by animals and the sea. Even in the city, I spend time watching the birds and foxes that come to our back gardens. I’m owned by three cats who have me well trained!


I love painting animals and birds with big personalities – sassy cats, goofy dogs, and curious cows! I want to capture each unique character, each beautiful soul on canvas, from the smallest mouse to the largest elephant.  My art is all about using vibrant colours to capture their unique stories and bring a burst of energy and joy to the home.

I love colour and I work with a variety of media, oils, acrylics and watercolour and these days also resin.


Would you'd like a unique painting of a favourite animal friend? I take commissions to create original pieces of art for your home in oils, watercolour or resins. People often ask if I can work from photos and the answer is yes I can. I get commissions from many different countries so working from photographs plays quite a large part in the process.
Find out about commissioning a painting here.

Wearable Art

I started making jewellery accidentally when I wanted to experiment with some new materials. I wanted a small canvas to work on so cut some small leaf shapes and tried my techniques on those. They looked beautiful and those first experiments became the first brooches, a sort of wearable art. After all if you love it you should be able to take it with you. :-)


My jewellery follows my love of animals, nature and colour. I make one of a kind brooches, necklaces and earrings  that celebrates nature's beauty. Cats, dogs, foxes, hares, wild animals, birds and leaves are the inspiration for my jewellery. Each piece is full of colour and sparkle and the finish is rather like enamel.


Perfect for any occasion. Whether it's a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself. Each of my handmade pieces is unique so you can be sure your jewellery is one of a kind!
Find out more about jewellery commissions here.

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