The Painted Cat

fine art for cat lovers

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece." - Leonardo da Vinci

Limited Edition Prints

Take a look through the galleries, you’ll meet lots of cats, especially in the Fascinating Felines Gallery. This is the home of the mighty hunter and the champion sleeper, the rugged outdoor stalker. (There’s nowhere to sit in here, all chairs have a feline occupant.)  There’s a gallery devoted to Beautiful Bengals (watch out for the shredded cardboard in here!) In the Sublime Siamese Gallery you’ll find those handsome,  sophisticated cats about town and their oriental cousins, (a noisy gallery!). The long haired cats are all in the Fabulous Fluffballs Gallery (there may be some shedding in here!) 

Original Paintings

I have a small selection of original cat paintings for sale. Have a look in the originals gallery to see them or why not commission a special piece? I can frame the paintings for you so they arrive ready to hang on the wall. Contact me to find out the costs of the framing and how much the painting will cost to ship.

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Beautiful Bags & Scarves

I designed a bag for myself a couple of years ago and I loved it. I use it all the time and I find it a good talking point! People ask me if I can design a bag for them too and here they are. They aren’t available anywhere else!

see the bags and scarves

Wearable Art

My cat themed jewellery.

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Panel Prints

Panel prints are fine art prints mounted on wood panels. The edges of the panel are stained black and they come ready to hang on the wall. Each one is signed, titled and numbered on the back of the panel. They come carefully packed in gift boxes.

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Framed Canvas prints

A beautiful statement piece

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