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Ginger Cat Framed Canvas Wall Art

A Burmese cat of my acquaintance picking his way carefully thorough the snow with distaste. Cats and snow are not natural friends! I loved the obvious expression of displeasure in his whole body, the flattened ears and that back paw kicking off the wet, nasty stuff says it all doesn’t it? :-)

The warm lights of home are glowing in the trees just ahead of him, calling him home to a warm fire and a cosy bed.


  1. printed on premium artist quality cotton canvas
  2. stretched over lovely deep 38mm stretcher bars
  3. framed in a beautiful black solid wood float frame
  4. a small gap between the frame and the canvas makes the canvas appear to float in the frame
  5. made to order - they take 4-5 working days

Customer Reviews

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Mia (United Kingdom)
Typical of a Burmese

I already have a print of this painting but after purchasing Elli printed on canvas and framed I had to do the same with 'Baby It's Cold Outside' and I'm so glad I did. Denise's work is so captivating and this is no exception - typical attitude of a Burmese to something they don't like.