hare face in watercolour I like variety and I work in a variety of media. I love oils and the way it can be softly blended, usually with my fingers! But I also love the versatility of acrylics, they can be used thick in impasto and wet like watercolour and anything in between. Who can resist?

When I work on paper I head for the watercolours and often the acrylic inks too. I also have paint pens and various pastels and so my watercolours are really more watermedia paintings or maybe multi media as I can't resist adding something interesting. My watercolour paintings are the most playful. When I want something really unusual and contemporary I work in resin with pigments, metallics and semi precious stones.

All the paintings are here, use the filter above to select a specific subject, big cats perhaps, or a specific medium, like the watercolours.

If you'd like something special please do email me and ask.