Siamese Cat Profile - 8"x8" Oil Painting

The Painted Cat

8"x8″ oil painting on panel

A siamese cat in profile. This is a small 8x8 inch oil painting on a panel. She has lots of luscious colour behind her. It doesn't quite show in the photo, but the background is all hot colours, pink, reds and a golden orange. The hot colours really show off the colour of her beautiful eyes.

She is an 8×8 inch painting in oils on a panel, it's unframed with fittings on the back so it can hang unframed. Or it can be framed in a white or black floater frame. Choose the option you prefer. Please note, framing takes a week or so.

  • 8x8 inch oil painting on panel
  • Unframed - can hang unframed
  • Can be framed in a black or white wood floater frame

Ships free in the UK.

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