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The Galleries

Step into a vibrant world where every stroke of colour tells a story, where joy meets the wild, and where personality meets canvas. My art is all about colourful animals characters. I am a painter of souls, capturing the joyous whispers and vibrant tales that animals want to tell, capturing them in a dance of colours that are as vivid and expressive as the subjects themselves. My animals are colourful, charming, whimsical and expressive, they bring energy and vitality to the canvas along with their big personalities.

Explore some of those characters....

Watercolour Gallery

My watercolour paintings are playful, splashy and fun. I sometimes use acrylic inks and paint pens too. In a free flowing, organic style, with plenty of runs, drips and
splashes, lots of colour and sometimes some metallic watercolour too. 

watercolour gallery

Oil Painting Gallery

I love oils, the thick juicy nature of the strokes, the strength of the colour and the way you can blend things together with your fingers. It's very tactile. Very luscious. Add the gorgeous juicy colour and you have a happy artist!

oil painting gallery

Resin Art Gallery

When I want something really unusual and contemporary I work in resin with pigments, metallics and semi precious stones. The pieces glitters and sparkles as the light catches it, with shimmers of gold and rich and complex patterns in the resin. Truly unique.

resin art gallery

Wearable Art Gallery

A gallery of some of my jewellery. Each piece is handmade and unique. Using pigments, metallics and resins. The result is quite unpredictable but makes each piece completely unique. Once fully dry the finish is rather like enamel.

wearable art gallery

Commissions Gallery

I've been very lucky to paint some wonderful characters over the years.  In the commissions gallery I'd like to share a few of my recent commissions.

Commissions Gallery