Big Red Boy - 16x12" Framed Watercolour Painting

The Painted Cat

16×12 inch framed watercolour painting

A big red Maine Coon cat sitting in the sun. I do love painting big ginger fluffballs! This lad is full of colour with pinks, yellows and greens in his coat and teal whiskers.

He is painted in watercolour and paint pens on 16x12 inch Fabriano paper. He comes in a 20x16 inch single mount and a shabby chic frame. The frame is a box frame in wood, lightly painted white and distressed to create a shabby chic style. It's has acrylic glass to make it safe to ship. It's just under 2 inches deep and has a hanger on the back.

  • 16x12 inch watercolour painting on paper
  •  22x16 inch mount
  • Framed in a shabby chic white wood box frame

Ships free in the UK.

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