Fabulous Fluffballs Cat Gallery

Longhaired cat wall art for lovers of those fluffy felines

Original paintings and limited edition prints of long haired and maine coon cats.

This is the home of the majestic and magnificent Maine Coon, the beautiful Ragdoll, the superb Somali and all their long haired feline friends.If you are looking for some maine coon cat artwork to brighten up your decor look no further. I have contemporary paintings and limited edition prints to chose from.

Be careful where you sit though, there may be a lot of shedding in here!

Prints ship free worldwide, paintings ship free in the UK.

The Bengals, the Shorthaired cats, and the Siamese have their own galleries. Or for information about getting your beautiful fur kid immortalized in paint head over to Commissions. If you are looking for the jewellery head to the Wearable Art Gallery.