Fascinating Felines Cat Gallery

Wall art for cat lovers

Original paintings and limited edition prints of black cats, tabby cats, ginger cats, all sorts of cats.

You'll find artwork of many different kinds of cats here, black cat art, tabby cat paintings, tortoiseshell and ginger cat prints. Why not get some contemporary cat wall art, look for Elli. Or how about a colourful black cat print? Look for a panel print of Day Dreamer, yes black cats can be colourful. And there are many other wonderful feline characters here. This is the home of the mighty hunter and the champion sleeper, the rugged outdoor stalker and the sophisticated cat about town.

All chairs in this gallery are occupied, and anyway are covered in fur!

Prints ship free worldwide.

I haven't' forgotten the Bengals, the Fluffballs and the Siamese, they have their own galleries. Or for information about getting your beautiful fur kid immortalized in paint head over to Commissions. If you are looking for the jewellery head to the Wearable Art Gallery.