Beautiful Bengals Cat Gallery

Bengal cat wall art

Original paintings and limited editions prints of Bengal cats

Ah those beautiful Bengals, spotty feline demons of cardboard destruction! These strong, energetic, loving, lunatic, furry tyrants are fun to live with (as long as you don’t mind your kitchen rolls, newspapers or cardboard boxes being shredded to bits) and a treat to paint too. Although it would be a lot easier if Ming didn’t keep stealing the paint brushes! If you are looking for some bengal cat artwork to brighten up your decor look no further. I have contemporary paintings and limited edition prints to chose from.

Prints ship free worldwide, paintings ship free in the UK.

The Shorthaired cats, the Fluffballs and the Siamese have their own galleries. Or for information about getting your beautiful fur kid immortalized in paint head over to Commissions. If you are looking for the jewellery head to the Wearable Art Gallery.