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On The Sofa - 16x16" Acrylic Painting

On The Sofa - 16x16" Acrylic Painting

16×16 inch acrylic painting of a whippet

Stanley is such an elegant dog. I love the way he’s sitting with his paws crossed. There’s a warmth in his coat and a lovely soft light coming from the side, so I wanted to play with that theme. I started with warm colours for the underpainting and then added soft lilacs and blues for the final layers. The result is a painting that glows when the light is warm and sunny. It does make it quite hard to photograph though!

He’s a 16×16 inch painting in acrylics on Cornwall paper, painted using a brush, a knife and paint pens, unframed.

  • 16x16 inch acrylic painting on paper
  • Unmounted and unframed
  • Ships wrapped in tissue paper in a strong gift box, to reach you in perfect condition

If you'd like it framed contact me for costs and timescales.

Ships free in the UK.

Denise Laurent Art

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