Sunbathing - Canvas Print

The Painted Cat

Longhaired Tortoiseshell Cat Framed Canvas Wall Art

This is Chloe, a beautiful long haired tortoiseshell cat. She’s lying on the step on a hot summers day, enjoying the feel of the heat in her fur. The sunshine lights up her beautiful coat and fills it with rich reds, gold’s and auburn that set off her tortoiseshell markings so well.


an edition of 250

  • printed on premium artist quality cotton canvas
  • stretched over lovely deep 38mm stretcher bars
  • framed in a beautiful black solid wood float frame with a satin finish
  • a small gap between the frame and the canvas makes the canvas appear to float in the frame
  • comes with everything you need to hang on the wall

They are made to order and take about a week to 10 days days to make, so please bear that in mind if you are planning a gift for a special occasion.

Free shipping! Canvas prints ship free worldwide.