That Bengal Look - 14"x11" Watercolour Painting

The Painted Cat

14x11 inch watercolour painting of a bengal cat

A beautiful spotty bengal cat. He’s painted in watercolour with paint pens and some metallics too. After all, a bengal needs a touch of glitter in his coat. The photos don’t show it but some of the his fur has metallic copper watercolour in places and in certain light it gives a beautiful shimmer. He is 14x11 inches, painted on a sheet of 40x30cm Cornwall paper in watercolour and paint pens.

He comes in a 20x16 inch double mount, unframed, ready for you to frame as you'd like.

  • 14x11 inch watercolour painting on paper
  •  20x16 inch double mount
  • Unframed, ready for you to frame as you'd like
  • Ships wrapped in tissue paper in a strong gift box, to reach you in perfect condition

If you'd like it framed contact me for costs and timescales.

Ships free in the UK.

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