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Wings Of Fire - 16"x12" Watercolour Painting

Wings Of Fire - 16"x12" Watercolour Painting

16×12″ watercolour and pastel painting of a flying crow

This crow is sailing down the thermals heading for the ground. It was a hot, sunny day and the crows were looking for food on the beach. As I watched them I was imagining the swirls of hot air flowing through their feathers as they banked and turned above the sands.

He’s painted in watercolour and pastels on Fabriano watercolour paper.

  • 16x12 inch watercolour painting on paper
  •  20x16 inch double mount
  • Unframed, ready for you to frame as you'd like
  • Ships wrapped in tissue paper in a strong gift box, to reach you in perfect condition

If you'd like it framed contact me for costs and timescales.

Ships free in the UK.

Denise Laurent Art

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